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Just like anything else, wall art trends tend to go in and out of season pretty quickly. Wall art decor is very much part of interior design and the aesthetics, colours and size of wall art prints are just as important. If you’re looking to refresh your living room, bedroom or any space in your home with new wall art prints here is a great list of wall art trends to follow this year.

Minimalist Wall Art Prints

Who said less can’t be more? One of the most popular trends this year is minimalist wall art prints. More people are appreciating the beauty of a minimalist home and this very much includes wall art designs too. The simpler the wall art print, the better. Minimalist wall art prints usually look great for spaces that are very neutral in colour and design. Think about Scandinavian or Nordic style homes. So if you want to refresh your home, but are looking to do it in a simple way, go for minimalist wall art.

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Floral Wall Art Prints

Floral wall art prints have been trending for a while and are definitely here to stay. These types of wall art prints are great if you want to brighten up your space but still create a calm and serene feel. Flowers naturally create a lovely mood in any space. So when it comes to floral wall art prints you can often experiment with both colourful and subtle colours.

Acrylic Paint Wall Art Prints

For people who love paintings, but want the option to occasionally switch art, acrylic paint wall art prints are the perfect solution. Even though acrylic wall art prints might not have the original canvas feel, they certainly have the look and can look just as great when hung on the wall. 

Abstract Shapes Wall Art Prints

Wall art prints with abstract shapes and forms have been trending for a while and will continue to be a popular choice for many people. Abstract prints always tend to add something extra and unique to any space. You’ll usually find wall art with abstract shapes, lines and forms in any sort of colour, style and size. They are a popular choice amongst many because they are easy to style and look great, especially in living rooms, bedrooms and home offices.

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