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Finding the right wall art for your home and space can be challenging sometimes. When decorating your space, of course, you would want your wall art to compliment your space and reflect your personality and style too. Should you go for colourful and bold or minimalist and neutral? This guide will give you a few main and important things to consider when choosing African wall art prints for your home.

Analyse Your Space

Before choosing African wall art for your home, it’s important to review and analyse your space. It’s helpful to ask yourself questions like “Do I want my wall art to stand out?” or “Where do I want to display my wall art prints?”. Analysing your space first will give you the sense of whether it’s worth creating a wall gallery or whether you should display your prints on or above a console table. Once you’ve analysed your home and space you should also get a sense of the style of prints that would compliment and fit your home – which leads to the next point…

Create A Colour Scheme 

Creating a colour scheme is key for making sure your wall art looks pretty in your home. If you want your African wall art to stand out, you might probably opt for bright and larger prints. If you want your wall art to blend in with the rest of your decor you’ll most likely look at neutral tones and colours.

By creating a collage and wall art theme you’ll be able to choose the perfect African prints for your room and space. For example, kente wall art is perfect if you want to add a touch of Africa and colour to your home.

Think About Size

Size is also an important thing to think about when choosing African wall art for your home. The size of wall art to choose really depends on the wall space you have. So if you have large empty wall space, A3-sized wall art or bigger will look better in your home. However, you could also create a wall gallery by mixing larger prints with smaller-sized prints. If you’re looking for wall art to place on your desk on a console table any size of wall art would be great. Although, the bigger the wall art, the more it stands out!

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