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Art that feels like home

“At ‘Home With Akua’, we are passionate about two things: African culture and home decor. That’s why we combined these two elements to create beautiful wall art prints, cards and decor that will add a touch of Africa and spice up your home. “



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Our Story

Founded in Northampton (UK), we create beautiful and modern wall art prints, greeting cards and decor with a ‘touch of Africa’. Our business idea is centred around African and Afro-Inspired decor that’s not only affordable but also complements the aesthetics of every home.

Our mission

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to create a beautiful space that truly feels like home. That’s why at Akua Home you will find affordable designs with a combination of African elements and contemporary and modern influences.

Our Founder

Akua Home is founded by Sarah Johnson-Laryea. The inspiration behind the brand stems from Sarah's Ghanaian roots. Even though she was born and raised in the Netherlands, from an early age she was always taught to embrace her Ghanaian culture and African values.

What does Akua mean?

Akua, pronounced as Eh-kuah, is a typical girl's name that originates from the Akan tribe in Ghana. Akua means 'Born on Wednesday or Wednesday Born'. In the Akan tribe, it is a common practice to name a child after the day of the week they were born.

Sarah was born on a Wednesday, which is the inspiration behind the brand name, Akua Home.

Akua Home Founder
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Premium quality, unique designs

We believe in creating products that are designed with the highest quality in mind. That’s why all our products are carefully inspected and packaged with love and care to ensure products are received in the best condition.